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Jess McKinnon
Years 5/6 (P1)
Ken Blake
Maths / Science
Russell Wotton
Deputy Principal / Agriculture
Aaron Pietzsch
Pastoral Care Worker
Erika Lamont
Years 5/6 (P3)
Nick Norman
IT Manger / Administration
Emilee Stone
Rachael Farmer
HPE / English / HASS
Tobias O’Connor
Ellena Osborne
Year 2 (J1)
Leonie Wasley
Student Support Officer
Angela Oliver
Student Support Officer
Chantelle Lucas
Secondary Assistant Principal / Year 7/8 (M2) / AIF / HASS
Ben Hannam
Year 10 (S1) / HPE / English / EIF
Jennifer Culley
Year 3 (P7)
Nikki Harris
School Support Officers
Ella Perry
School Support Officers
Kristy Clark
Primary Assistant Principal / HPE / Technologies
Kelly Woods
School Support Officers
Penny Rasheed
English / Drama
Kelsey Day
Home Economics / HASS
Deb Sanders
Wellbeing Coordinator / Science / Agriculture
Gae Sandford
Leadership/Finance Support
Alice Goode
School Support Officers
Emma Goode
School Support Officers
Sonia Smith
Foundation (J3)
Phoebe Pado
Primary & Secondary Science / HPE
Ben Lamont
Years 7/8 (M1) / Maths / Science / Outdoor Education
Linda Andersen
School Support Officers
Fiona Evans
Business Manager / Administration
Bronwyn Gurr
Student Support Officer
Karen O’Connor
Intervention and Reading Coordinator / Year 1 (J2)
Brayden Chambers
HPE / English / Technologies
Ceri Price
Autism Inclusion Teacher / Years 4/5 (P6)
Troy Esdale
Year 9 (Tech) / Technologies
Ben Judson
Learning and Engagement Coordinator / Years 5/6 (P3) / Years 7/8 (M2) / HASS
Jane Thompson
Year 1 (J2)