Keith Area School is an F-12 rural Area School located 240kms from Adelaide, located off the Adelaide/Melbourne highway. Keith is a productive farming community in the Upper South East of South Australia which has had stable school numbers for many years.

Our school prides itself on quality relationships with students, staff and the wider school community and are involved in many facets of extracurricular activities working with different community groups outside of school hours.

Our school is fortunate to boast many fantastic facilities with most learning areas been renovated within the last 6 years. With many modern facilities, our students and staff are well positioned to maximise learning opportunities in all learning areas, but particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math’s and Outdoor Education.

Our Primary (F-6) school has an average enrolment of 160 students in classes that are in the low to mid 20’s. This allows teaching staff and support staff to cater lessons to each individual students needs and to accommodate for a wide variety of subject areas. All of our primary classes are in modern learning spaces with specialist subjects which include Health and Physical Education, Digital Technologies and Science. Students in the upper primary year levels (Year 5/6) are exposed to Secondary subject specific areas such as Tech, Ag and Home Ec. This allows for smooth transition as they enter into Secondary schooling in Year 7.

Our Secondary school (7-12) has an average enrolment of 140 students with students comfortably operating in either straight year levels from Year 9 or several Year 7/8 classes dependent upon sizes. Students at Keith Area School perform very well, with a high percentage of students achieving As and Bs in their SACE. We have a large number of students who have successfully gone onto university and followed their career ambitions. We are passionate and supportive of students who wish to explore other pathways such as VET, Student Based Apprenticeships and alternate methods of schooling. A benefit of being a part of an area school is that students and staff are well known by one another which allows for students to be supported in their academic and career choices.

Our school has an active Governing Council who works closely with parents from the wider community, and we are continually looking for ways to be the school of choice in the Upper South East.

Our staff are committed, engaged and enthusiastic and work together as a team to meet the needs of students, both in their individual classes, but also across the whole site.
Should you be looking to relocate into the Keith and surrounding area or interested in learning more about our great school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to meet with you, your family and children and provide a tour of our site to showcase how spectacular Keith Area School really is.

Mrs Jacqui Vandeleur